HEY THERE! We are Alex + Emily and we love making neat stuff for your space.


It was coming up on Christmas of 2014. Alex’s parents suggested we all exchange handmade gifts– a way to cultivate creativity in lieu of the crazy stress that inevitably ensues every December. We had just moved into a shared studio space with five other artist friends that October, with the intention of using it as a creative outlet from our day jobs. Alex had a small wood shop, and we were brainstorming gift ideas on a few forgotten wood scraps. We might have been drinking some beers… and we might have put said beers on those wood scraps. True story.

We took the idea and ran with it, making about 75 coasters in the space of a few days. We got such a positive response from Alex’s family that we decided to build a brand on those sets of wood scraps. Voila, Gaston Made.

Want to know more? Check out our interview with D magazine at the link--
http://dhome.dmagazine.com/2016/01/meet-the-maker-gaston-made/<br />
Want to know EVEN more? Here's a full on video of us being nerds and telling our for real story--

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